Cinelli is no stranger to today’s fixie /track bikes crowd and fans of the Redhook Crits races; however, it shall not be over looked that this Italian brand has contributed numerous innovative products to the cycling world since its inception in 1947. The original Laser has paved way for today’s aerobike design.

Being a big fan of the its design philosophy and role in cycle history, MCBC is proud to be an authorised dealer of Cinelli bicycles. 

p.s. - We also carried a wide range of Cinelli accessories and apparels.


KPLUS Logo.jpg


KPLUS delivers helmets that are well ventilated and most importantly suits the head shape of asian cyclists. Innovation is shown throughout KPLUS wide range of products and particularly their S-Series has displayed a strong bland of aesthetic and functions.  KPLUS helmets have gone through hours of test in shock absorption / air deflection / severity and is CE certified which means these helmets are also reliable as they are stylish.

MCBC is excited to bring KPLUS helmets into Hong Kong market for riders who are looking for helmets that are fashionable and also provide a good fit. Local retailers may also contact us for wholesale inquiry as we are the regional distributor for KPLUS products.



Pedla is an apparel brand from Melbourne, Australia; They choose material and fabric from Italy and Switzerland to ensure superior quality and riding comfort. These well crafted apparels feature design that is super clean and sleek without being overly trendy. 

MCBC carries products by the Pedla because we believe every riders deserve some stylish and comfortable clothing that enable them to stand out from the crowd (and to match their bike bling ).




LaPierre bikes is found in 1946 and based in Dijon, France. It is also a current sponsor for French UCI team FDJ with Thibaut Pinot winning third overall in 2014 Tour De France on a LaPierre bike.

LaPierre's road range are split in to Race and Endurance categories. The race bikes include AirCode, an aero bike and Xelius, a light weight bike for hill climb. The endurance series feature Sensium, an all round road bike, and Pulsium, a bike with shock absorption for tough road surfaces. 




Founded in 1973 and specialised in metal welding, TOYO Frame began as an OEM manufacturer and primarily provides hand built metal frames to clients including some of the big names in the industry.

With a workshop located in Osaka Japan, TOYOframe offers hand built bicycle frames with top notch craftsmanship that's hard to find in mass production factories.




Fabric Cycling

Fabric CC is a young bike accessories maker based in England. The company began with making saddles and later on branch out into other products including multi-tools,

Fabric simplistic and comfortable saddle are presented in three lines which suit riders with narrow, average and wide hip. Within these three lines, three profiles are offered for riders who prefer riding in aerodynamic to upright positions.

Other Fabric accessories we carried include the Cageless Water Bottle that requires no bottle cage mounted on the bike and the Chamber Tool, which features a protection caddy, torque control and ratchet reverse function.