simple, functional and innovative


As the name suggested, Fabric Cageless Water Bottles does not require a bottle cage but rather utilised two 'knobs' that screwed to the bike frame which allow the built-in slots on the water bottle to slide into. They are offered in these variations:



-Insulated (525ml)

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TOOLS and mini-Pump

Designs of Fabric tools are innovative, functional, and simple and elegant in aesthetic.

We have these products in stock:

-R150 High Pressure Road Pump

-Chamber (13 Functions Ratchet Head)

-Eight Tool (8 Functions multi-tool)

-Sixteen Tool (16 Functions multi-tool)

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LIGHTS- Now Available

These sleek looking 'USB charge' lights have some innovative features:

- FL30  (Chip-On-Board LEDs)

-FLR30 (features use of accelerometer, brightens when slowing down)

-FL150 (functions as both front white light and as rear red light, IPX5 water proofed)

-FL300 (unctions as both front white light and as rear red light, dial mode control,  IPX5 water proofed)

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