We have added these performance grade road tyres to our selection!


From right to left:

  • Bridgestone Extenza  R1X Clincher - 190g (25c) Race grade, balance of roll resistance, weight and grip.
  • Bridgestone Extenza R1G Clincher - 195g (25c) Race grade, higher gripping power while maintaining low roll resistance, ideal for curvy descends.
  • Bridgestone Extenza RR2X Clincher - 230g (25c) All round tyres, puncture protection, balanced grip and roll resistance.
  • Schwalbe Pro One Clincher/Tubeless Easy - 255g (25c) Tubeless compatible, Low roll resistance, and good grip. 
  • Schwalbe One Clincher - 225g (25c) Puncture resistance, balance of Low Resistance and Grip
  • Vittoria G+ Corsa - 239g (25c) Graphene, race grade, low roll resistance, high gripping power with puncture resistance.
  • Vittoria G+ Rubino Pro - 235g (25c)Graphene, all round, balance of grip and roll resistance with extra puncture protection.

In addition, below is a weight comparison of Bridgestone Extenza Inner tubes:

inner tube comparison.jpg