This is a Cinelli XCR Bike we completed awhile back for our customer Michael, who hopefully is enjoying his new bike now. The bike is fitted with Campagnolo Record 12 Speed groupset/Zonda Wheelset brought in by owner. The result is a stunning looking yet practical Hand Made in Italy stainless steel road bike.

About the Cinelli XCR Frameset:

Released by Columbus in 2007, the XCR stainless steel tubeset represents the most important step forward in performance steel bicycle technology of the last 25 years. XCR was the world’s first – and still today is the world’s only – cold drawn seamless stainless steel tubeset. It is made from a bi-phasis martensitic stainless alloy whose superior mechanical characteristics (in particular its Ultimate Tensile Strength and End Strength) allow for sub 1,5 kg frame weights and superior weight/stiffness ratios than either aluminum or titanium. Additionally the crystal structure of the XCR’s martensitic steel is able to absorb vibrations noticeably more rapidly and uniformly than any austenitic steel, resulting in subtle but uniquely “zingy” ride quality.

Picture time!