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Cinelli NEMO TIG frameset reviewed in Cyclist UK Magazine (Jan 17 Issue)

 A nice review of the Cinelli's Nemo TIG steel frameset can be found in current issue of Cyclist UK Magazine.

On TIG welding technique featured on the frame: 

The TIG welds (tungsten inert gas, created using an electric arc welder as opposed to a gas-burning brazing torch) are simply stunning, with joints almost as seamless as wrapped carbon. Those around the head tube look as if the little ‘fish scales’ indicative of TIG welding have been filed off....... around the bottom bracket, where acute angles call for more filler when welding, the fish scales are more prominent, and the seatstays have been fillet brazed to the Nemo-engraved lug. But no matter. The result, together with the metallic ‘purple haze’ paint, is worth the admission price alone. 

The made in Italy frameset also began to shine as the reviewer swapped the entry level alloy wheels to a pair of mid profile carbon wheelset:

The sluggishness vanished and was replaced by rapid turns of speed, highlighting just what a stiff frame the Nemo has. The Columbus fork was a beneficiary too, with steering now taughter and lighter, the slight spring in the steel frame helping the Nemo track racing lines expertly. Climbing, which was previously a chore, became that much more pleasurable....

Although the NEMO TIG framesets are typically made by order, we now have a small quantity in stock at various sizes and colours.