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Bike Shop Visit: Blue Lug Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

There are a few Blue Lug bike shops in Tokyo and a quest to look for hard-to-find gear has led us to the one near Yoyogi park. The shop specialised in fixed gear, single speed, cyclocross and touring bikes/components plus accessories and apparels that associate with those scenes.

The people behind it have a lot of heart and it shows in the variety of cool stock and playful display arrangement; also they are kind enough to let us take some photos, enjoy!






Shop guests: Toyoframe (Osaka, Japan)

The gentlemen from Toyoframe came visit us on a quite weekday afternoon earlier this week. Among many things, we chatted about Osaka best ramen, cars, Japan Cyclocross and the awesomeness of STEEL bikes. We took some pictures of the frame samples they teased us with. Enjoy!