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Cool stuff that just arrived the shop.


Name after the 397m long wood velodrome in Italy, the Vigorelli is the classic Cinelli track frame which has been redesigned in 2017 with input from the Cinelli Chrome track team and utilised Columbus Steel Thron with full carbon fork (as oppose to aluminium tubes in previous generations).


An endurance geometry that's also light enough to climb, the Superstar Disc accepts flat mount disc brake and tyre clearance up to 28mm. 
Moreover, the top tube shape and carbon lay up at head tube are designed to minimise deformation during high speed riding and descend as much as possible to maintain stable control.


STRIDA is an award wining UK brand which makes folding bikes that are great for weekend leisure rides, and for parents who want to casually accompany their children for rides. The STRIDA shown here is the S30, 30th anniversary edition of the LT model; along with special graphic, it also comes with Travelling bag, note book and stickers.

NEW ARRIVALS 2017/07 - Part 1

Some cool bikes arrived the shop this week.


Made out of Columbus Cromolly triple butted tubing, the Gazzetta is a "high-end fixed gear bike for low maintenance and incredibly versatility".


The Tipo Pista is Cinelli's new aluminium track frame with a carbon/alloy fork. It's ideal for training or racing at the velodrome; and we have installed a front brake so you can take it out to the street


The latest version of the Cinelli Strato Faster is designed for Olympic Triathlon, as seen ridden by Italian Olympian, Anna Maria Mazzetti, and Russian Olympians, the Polyanskiy brothers in 2016 Rio Olympics. It is also Ideal for criteriums, circuit races. Moreover, It is the choice of bike for Paola Gianotti, Guiness World Record holder as the fastest woman to cycle across the world and as fastest woman to cycle across USA. 

We have built up a Strato Faster with Dura-Ace 9100, Zipp 303 wheelset, Cinelli Neos carbon components and Fabric CC Saddle; the result is a light weight bike that not only looks but also rides FAST!

SHOP BUILTS: Cinelli Very Best Of w/ Campagnolo Chorus

Although not on Cinelli's this year line up, the Very Best Of is Cinelli's top of the line carbon fiber endurance frame that has a good balance of speed and comfort. 

We recently had the chance to build a VBO with Campagnolo Chrous and Bullet Ultra Wheels to ride around town. Cinelli and Deda 35 finish kit were used to complete the built, with nothing over the top, the result is a solid bike that looks good and stylish.  We enjoy it very much!


Hello, just some images of custom bike builts :)

Bike #1 - Toyoframe Road 2 - Athena Built 

W/ Fulcrum Racing 5, Cinelli Vai Hardware and Volare SLX Saddle

Bike #2 Cinelli XCR - Super Record Built

w/ Bora Ultra 50 and Cinelli Ram Bar

SNEAK PEAK: Cinelli Presentation @ TaiPei

Cinelli put on a presentation at Ares Studio (nice shop!) while they are at TaiPei for the TaiPei Cycle 2017. Below are some pics. Enjoy!

Cinelli 2017: Framesets

Cinelli 2017 Flag Ship carbon frameset, the "Strato Faster" is now available!

Cinelli 2017: Complete Bikes

Cinelli 2017 'Complete Bike' Models now available at the shop, check out the pics:

Cinelli NEMO TIG frameset reviewed in Cyclist UK Magazine (Jan 17 Issue)

 A nice review of the Cinelli's Nemo TIG steel frameset can be found in current issue of Cyclist UK Magazine.

On TIG welding technique featured on the frame: 

The TIG welds (tungsten inert gas, created using an electric arc welder as opposed to a gas-burning brazing torch) are simply stunning, with joints almost as seamless as wrapped carbon. Those around the head tube look as if the little ‘fish scales’ indicative of TIG welding have been filed off....... around the bottom bracket, where acute angles call for more filler when welding, the fish scales are more prominent, and the seatstays have been fillet brazed to the Nemo-engraved lug. But no matter. The result, together with the metallic ‘purple haze’ paint, is worth the admission price alone. 

The made in Italy frameset also began to shine as the reviewer swapped the entry level alloy wheels to a pair of mid profile carbon wheelset:

The sluggishness vanished and was replaced by rapid turns of speed, highlighting just what a stiff frame the Nemo has. The Columbus fork was a beneficiary too, with steering now taughter and lighter, the slight spring in the steel frame helping the Nemo track racing lines expertly. Climbing, which was previously a chore, became that much more pleasurable....

Although the NEMO TIG framesets are typically made by order, we now have a small quantity in stock at various sizes and colours.

MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station NOW OPEN!

Hello All,

The wait is over. From now on, MCBC will be accessible by MTR.

For those who are outside of island south, we are two stops away from Admiralty Station.


Today at the shop 22/12/16

A shipment of Cinelli 2017 bikes arrived today, we are excited!

Happy to make another rider happy! 


No doubt this is one of the nicest and sought after frame in Cinelli's catalogue. As the official product press states:

The Cinelli crown jewel: our most advanced steel frame, made with the best materials and the highest technological quality. The Standard XCR tubing is a seamless tube in biphasic stainless steel, to create a light, unparalleled vibration absorpting, eternal bicycle frame. Pure state of the art...

In terms of construction:

The Cinelli XCR has a unique composition of the tubes that presents a ride quality that is is unlike any other steel, alloy or titanium. The feel is supremely confident with consistent feedback but without sacrificing road-dampening comfort. On top of this, the XCR is Micro-TIG welded and a nearly indestructible frameset. This also translates into an incredibly light-weight frame that is ultra competitive even among its carbon peers....

The Cinelli XCR is made by order and fully handmade in Italy. We now have one of this excellent frame in Size S available for display by in-shop request, while another one has already been reserved. The frame comes in five size and wait time is approx. 4 months to 6 months, expect longer wait time and a little more cost should you want yours to be built in custom measurement. Also available in plain Mirror finish (see pics)


 <....we were very emotional when the boxes arrive...>

Cinelli Hobootleg 旅行單車

“Lucas Brunelle Goes to Africa”電影由CINELLI製作並由Benny Zenga監製。內容記錄了包括Lucas Brunelle在內的100位車手,在歷時五個月,1700公里路程的環非洲旅程。

當中最引人入勝的一定是這款Cinelli Hobo旅行車,車架用上Columbus鋼管,配上一身軍事味濃厚的沙漠色,正好貼切地襯托出這次活動的主題。Tour d'Afrique對自行車是一個令人難以置信的測試,以及一個突出的方式向世界宣布Hobo車款!