SRAM eTAP AXS 12spd Wireless Groupset!

SRAM eTAP AXS 12spd Wireless Groupset!

Longtime no update! Happy New Year!

Today we are very excited about the new arrival of this new wireless electronic groupset from SRAM.

Aside from its obvious 12 speed cassette, the new groupset features uni-body chainring and new modern gearing, (ie. 10-33 cassettes and 46/33 Chainring), it also allows system upgrade/ adjustment/ setup with smartphone via the AXS app. Sequential and Compensating shifting pattern modes can be chosen as per rider's preference. Please refer to SRAM official website for more info! Lets check out some pics:


A Cinelli Vigorelli Road built for a rider who wants a bike with style, speed and comfort and also plans to do oversea touring ride with it. After many conversations, Apex 1x Groupset, flat bar and Campagnolo Bullet Ultra wheels are selected for this unusual but cool built.


This is a Cinelli XCR Bike we completed awhile back for our customer Michael, who hopefully is enjoying his new bike now. The bike is fitted with Campagnolo Record 12 Speed groupset/Zonda Wheelset brought in by owner. The result is a stunning looking yet practical Hand Made in Italy stainless steel road bike.

About the Cinelli XCR Frameset:

Released by Columbus in 2007, the XCR stainless steel tubeset represents the most important step forward in performance steel bicycle technology of the last 25 years. XCR was the world’s first – and still today is the world’s only – cold drawn seamless stainless steel tubeset. It is made from a bi-phasis martensitic stainless alloy whose superior mechanical characteristics (in particular its Ultimate Tensile Strength and End Strength) allow for sub 1,5 kg frame weights and superior weight/stiffness ratios than either aluminum or titanium. Additionally the crystal structure of the XCR’s martensitic steel is able to absorb vibrations noticeably more rapidly and uniformly than any austenitic steel, resulting in subtle but uniquely “zingy” ride quality.

Picture time!


This is a recently built Cinelli Vigorelli Road for a customer who is looking for a stylish Steel Bike for local streets and eventually long distance tour! This built features the practical and reliable Shimano 105 5800 groupset with Ultegra C24 wheelset.

While suitable for endurance ride, the Vigorelli Road is also dubbed as "the world’s most aggressive steel production road bike" as it replicates the geometry and handling of the Vigorelli Steel fixed-gear criterium frame!

"Thanks to its fixed-gear criterium racing heritage, the Vigorelli road is for riders looking for an unusually aggressive and fast-feeling steel road bike reminiscent of pure track bikes."


This is a Cinelli Very Best Of *Laser Blue Edition specially made by Cinelli's Korean distributor and now available at MCBC in small quantity. This L size frame is built with DuraAce 9070 Di2 with full carbon Cinelli bar, post, stem then finished with the  caleido bar tape for a happy customer, the result is very pretty racy endurance bike!

*For those who are in the know should recognize that the Laser Blue is the color for one the most iconic steel bike design, the Cinelli Laser!  Not many of the original Laser are up for sale today, a highly sought after item. Take a look.....





We have added these performance grade road tyres to our selection!


From right to left:

  • Bridgestone Extenza  R1X Clincher - 190g (25c) Race grade, balance of roll resistance, weight and grip.
  • Bridgestone Extenza R1G Clincher - 195g (25c) Race grade, higher gripping power while maintaining low roll resistance, ideal for curvy descends.
  • Bridgestone Extenza RR2X Clincher - 230g (25c) All round tyres, puncture protection, balanced grip and roll resistance.
  • Schwalbe Pro One Clincher/Tubeless Easy - 255g (25c) Tubeless compatible, Low roll resistance, and good grip. 
  • Schwalbe One Clincher - 225g (25c) Puncture resistance, balance of Low Resistance and Grip
  • Vittoria G+ Corsa - 239g (25c) Graphene, race grade, low roll resistance, high gripping power with puncture resistance.
  • Vittoria G+ Rubino Pro - 235g (25c)Graphene, all round, balance of grip and roll resistance with extra puncture protection.

In addition, below is a weight comparison of Bridgestone Extenza Inner tubes:

inner tube comparison.jpg

Cinelli Zydeco Frameset - Back in stock

The Cinelli Zydeco Gravel/Adventure bike is now back in stock as frame set only and available in size S/M/L, list price is HKD 8,500.

The frame set is made with triple butted Columbus Zonal alloy tubes with an alloy carbon fork for off-road and training purposes. The frame set uses disc brake and features tyre clearance up to 42mm.

The Zydeco is a versatile frame set that can be built with drop bar and road group set to work as a long distance touring bike or adopt a flat bar with Sram GX Eagle and thread tyres for off-road travel. 


Cinelli Experience: Size XXS

This Cinelli Experience just went to a junior Tri-Athlete (151cm height) for his upcoming training and races. 

The Experience frame set is made of Columbus Airplane, aircraft quality triple butted aluminium tube, and comes with a carbon fork. But what special about it is that it's a high-quality bike frame that also comes in XXS size (44cm seat tube, 50cm effective top tube) - a perfect choice for junior athletes or for smaller built riders who are looking for a quality bike on a budget.


Muc-Off: Bike Cleaning, Protection and Lubrication

Muc-Off bike maintenance products are now available at MCBC!

Our range of Muc-Off product includes:

  • Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube - Created in collaboration with Team Sky, this is the"most efficient chain lubricant formula for long distances and/or the harshest of weather conditions". Biodegradable. 
  • C3  Ceramic Lube - "up to 10 times the performance of conventional chain oils and lubes"
  • Nano Bike Cleaner - The famous "pink water"
  • Bio Chain Cleaner - Biodegradable chain cleaning spray for heavy dirt and grime.
  • Disc Brake Cleaner - Removal of dust and oil on disc rotor, eliminate squeaks.
  • Bio Drive Train Cleaner - Chainring, cassettes and chain cleaning. Biodegradable. 
  • Claw Brush - Mud / grime de-clogging, perfect for drive train, chain cleaning.
  • Matt Finish Detailer - Keep finger prints and glossy marks off matt colour bikes
  • Miracle Shine - Keeps the bike shinny and water beads away
  • Silicone Shine - Keeps the bike glossy and prevent dirt adhesion, also function as friction reducer for suspension parts


We were able to take some pictures of this 2018 Zydeco that just arrived a day ago and is being picked up by a customer soon.

The Zydeco is Cinelli's aluminium gravel / adventure bike which has a touring geometry buy also feature disc brakes and wide tyre clearance (up to 42mm) for off toad riding. The modest Tiagra 10 speed groupset features a compact crankset and 11-32 cassettes which means this bike can conquer your local hills with no problem.


Hello, a small quantity of the new KPLUS Surevo helmet in Lava Red and Aurora Blueare noe available at the shop. For purchases before 30/9, a sports bag and a cycling bag will also be thrown in as gifts.

The Surevo is KPLUS flagship model that features an aerodynamic profile but also provides enough ventilation for riders. Aside from the high quality one would find in the Surevo, these new special edition colours also featured gradient colour paint with integrated patterns that actually take three times longer manufacturing time than the standard colours.

Purchase of KPLUS Surevo Lava Red and Aurora Blue will include KPLUS Sports bag and Cycling Cap, valid until 30/9/17. 

Purchase of KPLUS Surevo Lava Red and Aurora Blue will include KPLUS Sports bag and Cycling Cap, valid until 30/9/17. 





Hello, the Nazare and Bura road bikes by NeilPryde are now available for order at MCBC. We also  have two demo bikes for test rides for a brief period from now, for those who are interested, please stop by and check them out. (Rider to prepare his/her own helmet and pedals)


Cool stuff that just arrived the shop.


Name after the 397m long wood velodrome in Italy, the Vigorelli is the classic Cinelli track frame which has been redesigned in 2017 with input from the Cinelli Chrome track team and utilised Columbus Steel Thron with full carbon fork (as oppose to aluminium tubes in previous generations).


An endurance geometry that's also light enough to climb, the Superstar Disc accepts flat mount disc brake and tyre clearance up to 28mm. 
Moreover, the top tube shape and carbon lay up at head tube are designed to minimise deformation during high speed riding and descend as much as possible to maintain stable control.


STRIDA is an award wining UK brand which makes folding bikes that are great for weekend leisure rides, and for parents who want to casually accompany their children for rides. The STRIDA shown here is the S30, 30th anniversary edition of the LT model; along with special graphic, it also comes with Travelling bag, note book and stickers.

NEW ARRIVALS 2017/07 - Part 1

Some cool bikes arrived the shop this week.


Made out of Columbus Cromolly triple butted tubing, the Gazzetta is a "high-end fixed gear bike for low maintenance and incredibly versatility".


The Tipo Pista is Cinelli's new aluminium track frame with a carbon/alloy fork. It's ideal for training or racing at the velodrome; and we have installed a front brake so you can take it out to the street


Purchase groups set together with frameset to receive discount. Come check out the stock and chat with us for a quote :)


The latest version of the Cinelli Strato Faster is designed for Olympic Triathlon, as seen ridden by Italian Olympian, Anna Maria Mazzetti, and Russian Olympians, the Polyanskiy brothers in 2016 Rio Olympics. It is also Ideal for criteriums, circuit races. Moreover, It is the choice of bike for Paola Gianotti, Guiness World Record holder as the fastest woman to cycle across the world and as fastest woman to cycle across USA. 

We have built up a Strato Faster with Dura-Ace 9100, Zipp 303 wheelset, Cinelli Neos carbon components and Fabric CC Saddle; the result is a light weight bike that not only looks but also rides FAST!

ToyoFrame's "Hybrid Road" and "T-Carbon Road"

Toyoframe's "T-Carbon Road" and "Hybrid Road" are now available at the shop.

Both framesets feature Carbon Fiber tubes with Chromo Steel rear triangle to combine the lightness and stiffness of carbon with the reactiveness of heat treated steel; the result is a lightweight frame that's stiff, lively and comfortable.

The "T-Carbon Road" features carbon fiber top tubes while the "Hybrid Road" features carbon fiber top tube and down tube to further reduce the weight while maintaining the unique road feel of a steel bike. The carbon tubes is co-developed with Japan's Graphite Design Cop. and the steel tubes are produced by KaiSei Steel Japan.

Both frameset come in paint finish by default, paint colour can be chosen from Toyoframe's stock colour chart. Extra cost can get you custom colour and chrome finish. All frames are handmade in Osaka, Japan with a lead time of 2.5 months.

Let's look at the pictures!

T-CARBON ROAD in custom Chrome and "Ice Blue" paint finish

HYBRID ROAD in custom "Brilliant Gold" paint finish

Check out this gallery for built-up pictures of these two frames:

CeramicSpeed - Now Available

A few jobs of installing ceramic bearing related upgrades for our customers have eventually led us to decide on carrying such upgrade components. Our choice is Denmark's Ceramicspeed, the long time gold standard for ceramic bearing technology, which can be found on most race bikes in local pelotons to world class competitions.

Riders who want to upgrade their existing groupet without replacing the entire set often opt for replacing the BB, wheel hub bearings, guide/pulley wheels and even headset with ceramic bearing to save up power for long rides.

For those who are interested, please stop by our shop for a chat and check out the demo kit.

SHOP BUILTS: Cinelli Very Best Of w/ Campagnolo Chorus

Although not on Cinelli's this year line up, the Very Best Of is Cinelli's top of the line carbon fiber endurance frame that has a good balance of speed and comfort. 

We recently had the chance to build a VBO with Campagnolo Chrous and Bullet Ultra Wheels to ride around town. Cinelli and Deda 35 finish kit were used to complete the built, with nothing over the top, the result is a solid bike that looks good and stylish.  We enjoy it very much!